Podcasts & Radio (over the air or on-line)

“History Unobscured with Aaron Mahnke”

“The Real History of the Salem Witch Trials,” Backstory with Larry Potash, WNG9, Chicago

“The Lisa Show,” Lisa Valentine Clark, BYU Radio, Montana

“Witch Hunt Podcast,” Nancy Mades-Byrd

“Open Source,” Christopher Lyden, WBUR, Boston, NPR (with Emerson Baker, Katherine Howe, and Stacy Schiff).

WGBH, Boston, NPR, Rupa Shenoy

“The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show”

“Phil Hulett and Friends”

“Ward and Al,” Toronto

“All Sides with Ann Fisher,” WOSU public radio, Ohio

“The Organic View Radio Show,” Jane Stoyer

“Night Side” with Dan Rea, WBZ, Boston, Mass

“The Morning Show,” GGW, Grand Rapids

“Talk With Francesca”

WCLI, Norwich, Conn.

“At Night,” Corus Radio, Alberta, Canada

“Dave Nemo Radio Show” Sirius Radio

WBVP/WMBA, Beaver Co., Penn.

“Ground Zero” with Clyde Lewis

“America’s Most Haunted”

Lewis At Large,” KLWN. Lawrence, Kansas

“Call Flo Radio Show,”  WFLO, Richmond, Virginia

“Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones Show,” WSFK-AM, WCBQ, WHNC

“The Ray Flynn Show,” Ray Flynn, WROL 950, Boston, Mass.

“Special Edition Saturday,” Larry Rifkin, WATR 1320, Waterbury, Conn.

“The Steve LaVeille Broadcast,” Bradley Jay, guest host, WBZ 1030, Boston, Mass.

Television Interviews

The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart, Comedy Central

Bewitchment at Salem: The Real Story, a roundtable discussion with Emerson Baker, Marilynne Roach, Richard Trask, and Katherine Howe. Salem Access Television, Salem, Mass.

The Elaine Show, Virgin Media One, Ireland

Chapter One, Page One, Salem Access Television, Salem, Mass.

Literati Scene, Smoki Bacon and Dick Concannon, Boston, Mass

Watertown Cable Access News, Watertown, Mass.

Book Talk, CNN

Channel 5 News, with Pam Cross, WCVB, Boston, Mass.

Print & On-line Interviews

Boston Globe, Boston, Mass.

Salem News, Salem, Mass.

Watertown TAB, Watertown, Mass.

Huffington Post

Vita Brevis, New England Historical Genealogy Society’s blog

Cyril Magazine, a Gothic e-zine

Christian Science Monitor

Interviewed in Documentary Films

for US, Irish, Japanese, and German productions, including:

All3Media America

Lone Wolf / Smithsonian, “America’s Hidden Stories: Salem’s Secrets”

Westend Film & TV Produktion, Frankfurt au Main, Germany, “Witch Hunt in Salem”


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