Site Unknown: Gallows Hill: Salem Evening NewsAlthough the actual location of the hanging site for the 1692 witch trials was largely forgotten and, if remembered, disputed, Salem lawyer and antiquarian Sidney Perley located the correct spot by 1901: the rocky outcrop later called Proctor’s Ledge at the base of Gallows Hill. Working with his articles and additional sources, Marilynne Roach came to the same conclusion in 1997.

On Halloween 1997 The Salem Evening News ran a front-page article on the rediscovery—to little response.

But other researchers were aware of her published conclusions and in 2010 Elizabeth Peterson, director at the Witch House / Corwin House (former home of witch trial judge Jonathan Corwin), assembled what would become the Gallows Hill Group: Professors Emerson Baker, Benjamin Ray, and Peter Sablock, filmmaker Tom Phillips, and Marilynne Roach.

After verifying the site and ascertaining that the shallow soil held no burials, these six and others worked quietly for several years with the City of Salem to see that the site and the tragic events that occurred there were properly memorialized.

The Gallows Hill Group issued a press release in January 2016 and, unlike in 1997, this time the news went internationally viral.  Archaeology Magazine included the find as one of the ten most important discoveries of 2016.

The City of Salem had acquired an available part of the site in 1936 during the Great Depression and it was there that the memorial, by landscape architect Martha Lyons, was dedicated on July 19, 2017 before an audience that included many descendants of the nineteen people hanged in that place. 

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© Marilynne K. Roach